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In today’s maritime shipping industry, time is money. The faster you can get your shipments from Point A to Point B, the more successful you will be as a company. This is why maritime shipping companies need efficient collaborative email software that helps them save time on tasks that would normally take up a large chunk of their day. reMARK offers many automated features that make maritime shipping companies much more agile and organized when filing emails and searching through shared inboxes. Keep reading to learn more about how maritime shipping companies can benefit from reMARK’s automated features.

Common Collaborative Email Issues Solved With Automation Tools

Maritime shipping companies deal with high volumes of emails each day. This can often lead to cluttered and disorganized inboxes, which can make it difficult to find specific emails when one needs them. Slow loading speeds and data loss often plague team members searching for a specific email. Common shared inbox tools such as Outlook are prone to these exact issues, and the more the load increases, the worse the performance will be. Due to its lack of flexibility, it is very easy for maritime shipping companies to outgrow this email infrastructure.

With the right automation tools in place, however, companies can avoid these issues and maintain efficiency in their collaborative email inboxes. Features such as filtering, automatic filing, and automatic archiving for easy email retrieval and storage are essential for better organization across channels and teams. This helps maritime shipping companies to keep their inboxes organized and tidy, while also freeing up storage space. While there are a number of characteristics that effective collaborative email software should have, let’s take a look at some of the most important automation tools to leverage for maximum productivity:

Email Filtering

With email filtering, users can prioritize emails of relevance and view the most important information first, as opposed to sorting through countless emails looking for the right contents. 

Automatic Filing

With automatic filing features, shipping companies can save hours by organizing email contents accordingly while being easy to set up and use effectively. 

Automatic Categorization

Automatic categorization is another important feature for a well-rounded collaborative email solution. With this, you can create rules to automatically apply categories or populate a custom field with information, making it easier to filter out information. 

How This Maritime Shipping Company Benefited from reMARK’s Automation Tools

reMARK is a trusted email collaboration platform designed with maritime shipping companies in mind. Companies all over the world have invested in reMARK and have seen transformation in their collaborative email inboxes in terms of organization and efficiency. One maritime shipping company in particular saw a drastic change in the time it took to search for and archive emails after implementing reMARK’s automated features into their daily email workflows.

JoinOcean is a global maritime shipping company that was struggling with an ever-growing volume of emails and a lack of space to store them all. They reached out to Nordic IT in hopes of finding a collaborative email solution that was not only specifically built for the maritime shipping industry, but one that’s also suited for high volumes of emails on a daily basis. reMARK was able to accommodate these needs and more with its automated features.

reMARK’s filtering tool allowed JoinOcean to sift through their emails faster and more efficiently than ever before through its precise and highly advanced search settings. This would allow them to find email contents dating back years ago, giving them the ability to easily access and track maritime shipping information over time. Furthermore, JoinOcean was able to take advantage of reMARK’s automatic filing feature, otherwise known as Smart Folders. This popular feature helped them keep their inboxes organized by automatically filing emails based on their contents and placing it in their respective folders. Finally, JoinOcean was able to save hours a day when it came to email archiving with reMARK. By automatically archiving emails and storing them externally, JoinOcean’s team saw major improvements in search speed while being able to store and access pertinent data. 

The results? JoinOcean’s maritime shipping business runs smoother than ever before, while granting them the ability to quickly adapt to the changing landscape of the maritime industry with ease. 

See the reMARK Difference for Your Maritime Shipping Company

Maritime shipping companies are unique in that they have specific needs when it comes to email collaboration tools. Standard email collaboration platforms often do not have the maritime-specific functionalities that facilitate better processes and workflows, such as automatic filing, filtering, and archiving. reMARK overcomes these drawbacks by offering a tool that can help shipping companies address common issues such as loss of data, lack of standardization, and time wasted searching for information with its powerful capabilities.

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