Top 3 Characteristics to Consider When Choosing an Email Solution

time saving email characteristics

In today’s fast-paced workplace, every minute spent communicating with colleagues, partners, customers, and prospects counts. The shipping industry specifically is a high-volume email environment that requires streamlined and efficient communication for smooth sailing.  While email can be a useful all-purpose communication tool, it can also be a time-consuming and tedious way to distribute information when […]

Benefits of a Shared Inbox

benefits of a shared inbox

Email is one of the most widely used forms of communication throughout the world. Especially with the continual globalization of the workforce, asynchronous communication is increasingly necessary. Most likely, every organization you are a part of uses business email to keep in touch. By 2025, around 4.6 billion people worldwide will be email users. It’s […]

Maritime-Specific vs. Generic Email Systems

maritime specific vs generic email systems

Maritime teams depend on constant communication to keep everyone aligned and everything in sync. Email communication is critical to a charterer’s daily work and ultimately a maritime team’s success.  While most team members wish they didn’t have to go through hundreds or even thousands of emails throughout the day, we find shipping and chartering managers […]

Going Global: Tips for Working With a Team Across Time Zones

nordic it made for maritime teams

More and more businesses are expanding their operations globally. Whether simply working with clients abroad, remote working, or opening offices in different countries, business is an international affair. Working with people throughout different parts of the world is exciting and provides an abundance of benefits and learning opportunities, however, it also requires adaptation from both […]

New Nordic IT reMARK UI Improvements


Our goal at Nordic IT is to create email software for maritime teams that is constantly evolving to best fit the needs of the industry.  With that in mind, we listened to the needs of our reMARK users, and we are upgrading the UI experience even further by making the system easier to navigate with […]

Top 5 Email Productivity Tips to Organize Your Inbox

collaborative email

No matter where you work, it’s likely you’ve wasted many precious hours dealing with the dreaded overflowing email inbox. In the maritime industry, companies commonly receive thousands of emails per day–many of which are vital to their operations. Attempting to sort through the mass pile of messages to quickly find crucial information is enough to […]

reMark Email Software Training Classes Launched on Website

remark LMS

reMark Email Software Training Classes Launched on Website Great news – we recently launched a new Learning Management System in the support area of our website. On this page of the website, we’ve created a Beginner Course, an Intermediate Course, and a Course for Power Users. All enrollments are free, and the classes will track your progress […]

COVID-19: An Update from NordicIT

With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) impacting business worldwide, we wanted to provide an update from our company on measures we are taking to ensure our customers are supported. Below are 3 key ways we are doing this. Continued support responsiveness – We have implemented our work from home plan for our organization.  We have the tools in […]

Dura Software Acquires Nordic IT, Moves HQ to San Antonio

Startups san antonio city of innovation article reMARK nordicit

Article derived from Another acquisition is resulting in a new information technology (IT) company moving to San Antonio. San Antonio-based Dura Software announced Friday its acquisition of the Denmark-based Nordic IT, Inc. The company provides email software for enterprise-size teams and is considered the industry leader for the maritime shipping industry which relies upon reliable email. Hundreds […]