Selecting the Best Email Platform for Your Maritime Company

In the maritime industry, effective communication is not just about exchanging information; it’s a lifeline for safety, operational efficiency, and compliance. When it comes to email platforms, the stakes are particularly high, and decisions must be made carefully and precisely. Navigating the waters of email platform selection is a crucial task for maritime companies and their IT staff, one that can significantly impact the performance of the entire maritime operation.

With the vast sea of options available, it can be daunting to determine which email platform is best suited for your needs. In this article, we’ll unpack the must-have features you should consider and introduce you to reMARK, the exceptional email platform designed exclusively for the maritime industry. 

Critical Factors to Evaluate When Selecting the Ideal Email Platform for Your Maritime Company

When selecting the ideal email platform for your maritime company, it’s crucial to consider several factors: 

Security and Compliance Requirements

The maritime industry is highly regulated, with stringent requirements for data protection and privacy. A data breach could lead to substantial financial losses and damage a company’s reputation. The typical expense of a maritime cyber assault has risen to $550,000, showing a 200% rise from 2022, as indicated by a study conducted by Cyberowl. Your email platform requires robust security measures such as encryption, multi-factor authentication, content filtering, and strict access controls to safeguard sensitive data and ensure that only authorized personnel can access it. 

Collaboration and Communication Features

For enhanced productivity and streamlined operations, consider a collaborative email solution that supports file sharing, calendar integration, and real-time messaging. Features like shared inboxes, threaded conversations, and secure channels for various departments can boost efficiency.

Scalability and Flexibility

Your email platform should be able to grow with your company. Consider the scalability of the solution, not just in terms of the number of users it can handle but also its ability to integrate with other mission-critical systems. It should offer flexible deployment options, including cloud-based and on-premises solutions, to accommodate the specific needs of your company and future growth plans.

Cost-Effectiveness and ROI

While cost is an important factor, it should not be the sole driver of your decision. Look beyond the upfront price to examine the platform’s long-term value. Consider all costs, including implementation, training, and support, along with ROI from enhanced efficiency and reduced downtime.

Technical Support and Reliability

In the maritime industry, downtime can be costly, making reliable technical support a necessity. Your email platform provider should offer 24/7 support with a strong service level agreement. It’s also important to consider the reliability of the platform itself, including uptime, redundancy, and disaster recovery capabilities.

reMARK by Nordic IT is Made for The Maritime Industry

When it comes to email platforms tailored to the maritime industry’s specific needs, reMARK by Nordic IT stands out as a robust solution that delivers on every front. With its comprehensive suite of features and proven track record with leading shipping companies, reMARK offers the reliability and functionality that the maritime industry requires.

reMARK Cloud

reMARK’s SaaS offering is ideal for maritime companies looking for a hassle-free email solution. reMARK Cloud ensures that your communication is not only efficient but also scalable and uninterrupted. The cloud platform stays up to date with security patches, ensuring high availability and reducing IT maintenance.

reMARK On-Premises

Some maritime companies prefer the control and customization that come with an on-premises solution. With reMARK On-Premises, Nordic IT’s team of experts guides you through the entire implementation process, providing a tailor-made email platform that integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. With on-premises reMARK, you can trust your team’s email management every step of the way.

Contact Nordic IT Today to Discover How Our Collaborative Email Software Can Enhance Your Maritime Operations

As you weigh your options for an email platform that best serves your company, remember that it’s not just about choosing a tool; it’s about selecting a partner for the voyage ahead.

If you’re ready to enhance your communication with a trusted email platform, get in touch with Nordic IT today. Our team is committed to ensuring that reMARK empowers your users with the best-in-class email management solution that is customized, reliable, and always ahead of the curve in innovation.

How Nordic IT Helped JoinOcean Cut Costs & Drive Email Productivity 

JoinOcean, a prominent ship broker company in China, serves as a prime example of a shipping company that successfully implemented collaborative email software. By partnering with Nordic IT, they seamlessly integrated reMARK into their operations, resulting in enhanced employee productivity.

Throughout the process, we closely collaborated with JoinOcean’s team, providing comprehensive demos, training, and the necessary knowledge to operate reMARK seamlessly. Moreover, we equipped their IT team with the requisite skills to give internal support to other users. 

With our collaborative email solution, JoinOcean was able to consolidate its email server into a single server while efficiently managing high volumes of emails. This not only improved employee productivity but also generated substantial cost savings for the company.

Stay on Top of Email & Save Time with Email Collaboration

Why can’t you afford to wait another year for our email software? To start, the time savings provided by reMARK are nearly immediate.

As the number of emails continues to grow, it becomes crucial to establish an optimized structure and efficient workflows earlier on. This proactive approach ensures that your team can answer emails faster, avoid email overload, and attain greater productivity levels.  

Contact Nordic IT to Streamline Email Collaboration in 2024 & Beyond

When you’re aware that there are more efficient alternatives available, why wait any longer? Nordic IT has the email solution your business needs to stay ahead of the communication curve and drive productivity while reducing costs. An investment in your email system will streamline communication, boost productivity, and result in significant cost savings. Delaying this decision means losing valuable time and money. So, take action now and reap the benefits in 2024 and beyond.

Start your journey towards improving your email management today. Reach out to Nordic IT to schedule a demo or learn more about reMARK’s email collaboration software.

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