Why Shipping Businesses Need Collaborative Email Solutions in 2024

As we move into 2024, more and more shipping companies are realizing they need a specialized email solution to support their growing email communication. Email usage is growing year over year. In fact, according to Vennage, “347.3 billion emails are sent each day around the globe, marking a 4.3% increase from the previous year. On average, a person receives about 121 emails per day.” High volume is especially apparent when you look at shipping companies. So, having a tool made specifically to support this market is the best way to ensure efficient communication with key stakeholders.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at why maritime shipping companies should be investing in collaborative email software, how to allocate a budget for this critical business tool, and a real-life example of how Nordic IT can help streamline and optimize your email communication for increased productivity and cost-efficiency.

Allocating a Budget for Robust Email Collaboration Software

When it comes to allocating a budget for email collaboration software, one of the critical factors to consider is time saved. According to conservative estimations, collaborative email solutions that offer time saving email features like a search function, templates, email filing, categories, and Smart Folders can save up to 90 minutes per employee per day. This means significant cost savings in terms of employee salaries and reduced need for hiring additional operational staff.

When presenting an email solution to your managers or team leaders, it’s important to emphasize the potential future salary savings and productivity gains that come with investing in collaborative email software. By streamlining email communication and enabling efficient team collaboration, leaders can ensure timely responses and accurate handling of emails, leading to increased customer satisfaction and business success.

How Nordic IT Helped JoinOcean Cut Costs & Drive Email Productivity 

JoinOcean, a prominent ship broker company in China, serves as a prime example of a shipping company that successfully implemented collaborative email software. By partnering with Nordic IT, they seamlessly integrated reMARK into their operations, resulting in enhanced employee productivity.

Throughout the process, we closely collaborated with JoinOcean’s team, providing comprehensive demos, training, and the necessary knowledge to operate reMARK seamlessly. Moreover, we equipped their IT team with the requisite skills to give internal support to other users. 

With our collaborative email solution, JoinOcean was able to consolidate its email server into a single server while efficiently managing high volumes of emails. This not only improved employee productivity but also generated substantial cost savings for the company.

Stay on Top of Email & Save Time with Email Collaboration

Why can’t you afford to wait another year for our email software? To start, the time savings provided by reMARK are nearly immediate.

As the number of emails continues to grow, it becomes crucial to establish an optimized structure and efficient workflows earlier on. This proactive approach ensures that your team can answer emails faster, avoid email overload, and attain greater productivity levels.  

Contact Nordic IT to Streamline Email Collaboration in 2024 & Beyond

When you’re aware that there are more efficient alternatives available, why wait any longer? Nordic IT has the email solution your business needs to stay ahead of the communication curve and drive productivity while reducing costs. An investment in your email system will streamline communication, boost productivity, and result in significant cost savings. Delaying this decision means losing valuable time and money. So, take action now and reap the benefits in 2024 and beyond.

Start your journey towards improving your email management today. Reach out to Nordic IT to schedule a demo or learn more about reMARK’s email collaboration software.

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