TORM Shipping’s Success Story: The Impact of reMARK in Maritime Shipping

In a seafaring city like Copenhagen, enhancement of communication can start with an email solution.. This is exactly what TORM Shipping found when they began to assess their email collaboration solutions. Having chosen reMARK, a powerful email management platform, TORM has revolutionized how they communicate and manage their maritime shipping operations, already proving successful for this Copenhagen shipping company. This blog will discuss a previous case study of ours with regards to reMARK’s impact at TORM Shipping. 

Background on TORM Shipping & Why it Chose reMARK for its Email Communication

TORM Shipping is a renowned shipping company headquartered in Copenhagen that operates tankers and bulk carriers worldwide. Their impressive 126-year history has led to its ownership and operation of more than 100 ships across the maritime industry. 

Email communication is crucial in TORM’s daily operations, as its team is accustomed to receiving and sending thousands of emails on any given day. Their previous email solution, IBM Notes, could not keep up with the high volume, leading to low storage capacity, corrupted emails, and an overall lack of support.

TORM Shipping needed an email management system to streamline and automate its email flow. They turned to reMARK, formerly known as MARK5, to address this issue in 2013. reMARK is TORM’s email solution of choice today, enabling smooth communication and improving their overall email management efficiency.

Getting Onboard with reMARK: Implementation & Training

One key factor in successfully implementing reMARK at TORM Shipping was carefully selecting “Super Users.” These designated employees received specialized training to become internal experts on the email system, providing advice and suggestions on improving daily workflows.

Nordic IT employed best practices and strict project management to facilitate a seamless migration to the new email system. The implementation and training increased efficiency and productivity for TORM Shipping employees. Overall, the onboarding process for reMARK was executed with precision and organization, setting TORM up for long-term success with its new email system.

How reMARK Dramatically Improved Email Communication for TORM Shipping

Since the migration to reMARK, TORM Shipping has experienced a substantial improvement in their email communication. Manual filtering and dragging/dropping emails are now a thing of the past, as reMARK has automated the process by sorting emails into their respective folders. This has led to greater organizational efficiency and ensured that the right people see the correct emails.

Moreover, the Tanker operations department has reported over an hour saved per operator per day, and the increased storage capabilities have benefitted the organization as a whole. TORM Shipping is extremely satisfied with this solution, which has simplified their email communication and increased productivity.

How TORM Shipping Uses reMARK Today 

Since implementing reMARK a decade ago, TORM has seen various benefits, including enhanced email automation capabilities. By configuring various rules within the software, TORM can now distribute emails to different folders with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency, contributing to time savings and streamlined workflows. Additionally, reMARK’s improved compliance with GDPR regulations has been a huge plus, as it implements auto-delete email features and rules.

reMARK’s enhanced mobile app has also facilitated remote work and seamless connectivity whether an employee is on-site or off-site. This ability to remain connected regardless of location has furthered overall communication and collaboration for TORM Shipping.

As TORM continues its efforts to stay up-to-date with new features and technological advancements, reMARK remains an essential tool in the company’s operations, enhancing efficiency and keeping TORM at the forefront of the shipping industry. reMARK has continued to provide wide-ranging benefits, including:

Time Savings

TORM experiences significant time savings via reMARK’s automation and search capabilities.

reMARK Upgrades

Since updating to the latest version of reMARK, TORM has experienced significant advancements within the system, including assigning due dates to tasks, improved mention capabilities, smart folder conversion, and more.

Excellent Vendor Support

Nordic IT’s vendor support is highly responsive to TORM Shipping’s needs and implements its requested features. This includes items like InTune Support, auto-deletion of emails, mobile device approval, and the ability to change email categories following archival.

reMARK: Facilitating Better Shipping Outcomes for Companies like TORM Shipping

QUOTE: “No one remembers a world before reMARK.” – TORM Shipping

reMARK has undoubtedly become an indispensable email solution for TORM Shipping. As such, they highly recommend this solution for organizations with similar needs and sizes. With its user-friendly interface, advanced search feature, and mobile app, reMARK has become a complete email solution that sets it apart from other solutions in the market. Its team functionality and to-do list are also essential features that have played a vital role in TORM’s shipping operations.

TORM Shipping is eager to engage in discussions regarding reMARK’s roadmap, collaboration, and the introduction of additional solutions. Ultimately, reMARK facilitates better shipping outcomes for companies like TORM Shipping, making it an excellent solution for organizations seeking an unrivaled email experience.

Contact Nordic IT today to learn why so many maritime shipping companies like TORM are turning to reMARK for smarter shipping email solutions. 

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