5 Reasons to Choose reMARK Over Competing Solutions

With more companies turning to digital solutions to streamline their processes, reMARK – Nordic IT’s collaborative email solution – is the perfect choice for organizations that need reliable and efficient email automation tools. 

Despite numerous other competitive systems on the market, reMARK has set itself apart with its time-saving features like automatic email filing, enhanced visibility into communication processes, and other powerful features. Today, we’ll discuss why this comprehensive email solution is the best choice for your shipping business.

1. Time Savings via Email Collaboration Tools 

reMARK is designed to save time for shipping companies by simplifying email management and communication. In addition to reMARK’s automation capabilities, it contains features like advanced search functions allowing users to retrieve old emails with relevant information quickly. This eliminates the need for manual searches through large amounts of data, saving time with email retrieval. 

Other email collaboration tools like Categories and Email Filters sort emails by priority, making it easier for users to prioritize critical incoming messages. Finally, reMARK’s email templates save time when sending standard outbound emails and provide consistent communication. Overall, reMARK has been shown to save shipping companies up to an impressive 90 minutes a day. 

2. Flexibility via reMARK API

The reMARK API offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing shipping companies to develop software tools that interface with the existing data in reMARK. This capability empowers users to develop custom tasks and applications to automate processes, significantly boosting productivity by streamlining their workflows. And since our API runs server-side and is built on REST protocol, developers are already familiar with the tools and skills needed to develop their applications, making it more accessible and extensible.

3. Enhanced Visibility via Automatic Email Filing

reMARK’s Smart Folders offer enhanced visibility and clarity in email sorting, surpassing standard email tools like Outlook. Users can specify the criteria for their preferred sorting system, and all relevant emails will be automatically filed into their designated folders. In turn, manual filing processes are eliminated, freeing more time to focus on essential tasks. And with reMARK’s latest version, 1. 49, the system prompts users to populate folders upon creation, ensuring no relevant emails are left behind.

4. Greater Interdepartmental Collaboration

reMARK offers several tools that help break down silos between the operations, management, and chartering departments. This includes the internal Comments tool, which allows for quick and easy email communication, enhancing cross-department collaboration. With the Team Overview feature, users can see who is responsible for which emails and track task status for team members. These are just some of reMARK’s features that enable greater visibility and collaboration among departments, which can go a long way in improving the productivity of your shipping business. 

5. Knowledgeable Support Team 

reMARK customers gain exceptional technical support who are highly trained in guiding users through the system and helping to keep it running smoothly. Nordic IT’s dedicated support team can be reached via email, phone, or ticket, and we offer 24/7 global support. We also offer comprehensive training options for new users, which helps them get up to speed quickly and start getting the most out of the reMARK platform immediately.

reMARK: The Clear Choice for Shipping Companies 

When choosing an email automation solution, reMARK from Nordic IT stands out as the perfect choice for shipping companies. With its time-saving features, enhanced visibility into communication processes, and superior support team, reMARK is the ideal platform to keep your shipping business running efficiently and securely. 

Contact the Nordic IT team today to learn more about reMARK and how it can optimize your shipping operations. 

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