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Introducing the next generation of email: reMARK

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Designed to fit the future

Finding solutions to help users in MARK5 work even smarter has been under way!

Needless to say, we are proud to finally announce the introduction of the new generation of MARK5: reMARK. MARK5 has been redesigned, transformed and developed into a new generation of email designed to fit the future requirements of maritime communications. The new design will provide end users with an intuitive and enjoyable user-friendly experience, which will create better workflows and generate even more efficiency with email management. At this point, reMARK is still in beta test, however hard work and many hours have been dedicated to paving the way for the roll out of reMARK. We are very excited and can hardly wait for you to see and experience the final version soon!
We are currently working on further technological enhancements that will provide clients with a new solution where you do not need server installations in order to run reMARK.

Nordic IT implements MARK5 at maritime businesses around the world. Olam International LLC and Bahri Dry Bulk & Bahri Chemical are among the new customers

During the last year, Nordic IT has had an extensive international focus to aim wider and reach maritime businesses all over the world with the email solution MARK5. This has resulted in signed agreements with companies from very different locations – ranging from Dubai and Singapore to as far as Melbourne, India, Monaco and soon also South Africa. Among the new customers are Olam International LLC, Bahri Dry Bulk & Bahri Chemical, Al Ghurair Resources International LLC, Delta Carriers Monaco SARL and Uni Tankers, making 2017 a year where MARK5 reached global shipping companies from different parts of the world extensively.

New expanded market focus

Nordic IT’s primary markets has usually been close to the Headquarters in Denmark, with most installations in Northern Europe, Germany or the UK. But, a new and more global approach has resulted in new customers from more foreign markets: “Lately, we have expanded our markets, and we have used extensive recourses to reach companies further from home. One of our strategies has been online presence, which has resulted in requests from other parts of the world than we usually sell to”, says Lars Hansen, CEO at Nordic IT.

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Improved collaboration across offices

One of the new customers is Olam International, the third-largest agri-business in the world, operating in 70 countries: We were looking for an e-mail system that would make it easier for our users to collaborate between offices located in different time zones. Before, we had local installations filling up workstations, making it a daunting task to try and maintain, without losing any data in the process. We found MARK5 online and were impressed by the way it handles the same issues – so far, we are very happy with the results” says Andrew Lindsay Brown, IT Infrastructure Administrator at Olam International LLC.

One of MARK5’s advantages is, that users can collaborate in teams across locations easily and efficiently without any time or data loss – Something that made Olam International LLC choose MARK5 for emails. So far, MARK5 has been installed at Olam International LLC’s offices in Singapore and Melbourne, and soon the South Africa office will follow – optimising the collaboration between locations in the future.

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Fast search and easy categorisation of emails

Another new customer, is Bahri Dry Bulk and Bahri Chemical. Bahri is one of the largest providers of maritime services globally, who bought MARK5 already in late 2016. But, during 2017 more users were added because of the great result among users. Bahri needed an email solution with a good search and where categorising of emails was possible: “With MARK5, we now have a very fast search and at the same time it is easy to categorise“, says Pawel Cegielski, Senior Vessel Operator at Bahri, Dubai. Bahri Dry Bulk & Bahri Chemical uses MARK5 in offices in Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

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A more global future

With so many different parts of the world using MARK5, it will definitely be a priority to keep the increased global focus in 2018, where Nordic IT will expand in both Dubai and Singapore at the local offices. “We intent to keep expanding our business in new parts of the world, where we will prioritise both The Middle East and Asia more than earlier. At the same time, we will keep focussing on online exposure to make sure, maritime businesses from all over the world are aware of MARK5´s email management features tailored for the maritime business” Lars Hansen explains.

Q&A with Support – User question 4


How do I place an object into my own Worktray and how do I place an object into my colleague’s Worktray?


Tap the keys Ctrl + to place the message into your own Worktray. Tap the keys Ctrl + Y to place the message into one or more colleagues’ Worktray.


MARK5 feature of the month: Document Management

Many MARK5 users appreciate the variety of email management features found in MARK5. But, most users are unaware of the many other useful and timesaving features in the system; one of them being Document Management. To make sure you do not miss out on something great, we have decided to provide you with a small introduction to External Documents in MARK5 – just to get you started with the functionality.

What is Document Management?

Document Management is when you store, manage and track documents in a computer system. In MARK5 users can import documents into the system, to store them in a shared environment, so certain team members have access to the files. And because of the detailed action overview in MARK5, the history of the documents are very easy to follow for users.

Here is how Document Management works in MARK5

For external documents to make sense, you need to get your documents archived in the system by importing the documents. But first, locate your external documents:


Look in the bottom left corner of your interfcae and make sure you have chosen documents.

Now, go to the folder list. To view external documents, locate and choose the folder named external. This folder provides you with a list view of all the external documents already stored in the system. 


To import your own document, go the the menu and choose Document. Tap add external document or use the short key Alt+F2.


This will open a pop-up, where you can choose the document. Now, press open.


Choose, where you want to file the document. You will always be able to view the document from the external folder, but, you can organize further, by choosing a specific folder for archiving. You can choose either an existing folder or you can create a new folder. In this case, we archive in the folder named marketing and press ok. Finish by pressing ok again.
Now you can see the newly imported document both in the Marketing and the external folder. 


To learn more about a specific document, choose it from the document list. This will open more information about the document. You find three tabs: properties, history and preview.

In properties you can see the details of the document, Name, reference number, creation time, modification time, categories, file size, status and comments. 

In history you can find all the versions of the documents in chronological order. 

In preview you can view the content of the document, without having to open it.

Now, you have an overview of external documents in MARK5. This is just a small portion of the existing functionality, but it provides you with a starting point to explore the possibilities further on your own. Enjoy. 

Q&A with Support – User Question 3


How can I quickly insert an existing document into a newly created document?



In the editor, there is a button called Find and insert document. You can choose to insert a document from a reference number or from the Cabinet. If the document contains attachments, the attachments will be inserted as well

MARK5 feature of the month: Search across columns with Find panel

Do you sometimes need to filter emails in a certain folder across columns? Then you can use Find panel. Here is how you find it:

1.Go to the top of the email list and right-click on a random column. In the right-click menu, click show find panel.


2.This will open the find panel above the columns. Type in a text phase and click find. 


3.You will now only see emails matching your text, and the text will be highlighted in yellow.


Q&A with Support – User question 2


How do I send an internal message?


Tap the keys Ctrl + to open an internal message, write your message and choose recipients. 


How MARK5 works

MARK5 is a team email software suitable for working environments that deal with high volume email. The intelligent filtering system reveals only what is relevant for the user, and thereby optimising time spent on emails. Follow the journey of an email in MARK5 and learn how the system filters your emails for you:


MARK5 feature of the month: Create and Update contact from email signature

Are your contacts outdated or maybe not even saved in your contact module? Then you will love this feature, that allows you to create or edit a contact directly from a signature found in an email.
Here is how easy it works:

1.Right click on a signature in an email and choose parse contact:
2.This forces the information into a pop-up allowing you to create and edit the contact as you wish:
Now, you are ready to get your contacts up-to-date.

Q&A with Support – User question 1


I cannot find my new incoming emails, even though I am looking in the correct folder. How do I find them? 


Tap the keys Alt + F12 and MARK5 will sort your mails in chronological order based upon date and time. Now your incoming emails will be in the top of the folder.

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